This was made years and years ago when flash 5 was first released and I was experimenting with flash's date object so it its pretty old. I never really set out to make this but it just evolved form playing around with the program. I liked the results and always intended to expand upon this idea, but I never did. For some unknown reason the Internets liked it and you guys keep hitting this page. So even tho this is extremely outdated, it remains here so u can see it.

I DO NOT HAVE THE SOURCE FILES FOR THIS, SO PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING ME TO SEND THEM TO YOU. This was made years ago, as a simple experiment when i was learning to use Flash, and I no longer have the .fla file. Latey alot of you have been asking for the code, I dont have it so please stop asking :)
If you are interested in making one yourself, there are tutorials all over the web. Just google 'Flash Clock' or 'flash date object'.


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